B-Fit Product of the Month 
@Myzone Heart Rate Monitor – use the voucher below to save $50.00!
Why use a @Myzone Heart Rate Monitor?
It gives you real time feedback for your workouts.  You can connect with any friend that is using the @Myzone heart monitor regardless of where they live or where they work out.  You have the options of also doing classes, even live classes, offered by @Myzone.
You have a timer available as well as workouts based on the zones that @Myzone uses.
And you have accountability with the rank system that @Myzone has based on 1300 effort points a month as well as consistently using the monitor each month.
And B-Fit has the ability to save you 50.00 off of your @Myzone Choice of Heart Rate Monitor.
Get 50.00 off of a Myzone Heart Rate Monitor using this voucher.