“I admitted last summer to being a recliner potato.  Recent bloodwork had shown that I was pre-diabetic, had a high cholesterol ratio, and high triglycerides.  A good friend had been encouraging me to make an appointment with Beverly as she had been attending for several months with great results.

I met with Bev and was relieved that she was not judgmental; she was firm.  I would have to make a true commitment to a workout routine and cleaner eating.  For two weeks, I tracked my food intake and exercise.  Bev and I reviewed the data, and together we developed a balanced approach to nutrition and personalized workout routine.  I met with her two nights a week and did my own modified routine at home as well.  My goals were to wear a size 8 (from a size 10-12) by my December birthday and to reduce my fasting blood glucose level.  I knew that in accomplishing those goals, my other risk factors would improve.

Before I met Beverly, I thought a plank was something pirates walked, a burpee was something that occurred after eating a bacon cheeseburger; and a one-armed row was my part in maneuvering a canoe downstream.  These words are also associated with exercises that challenge me physically, building strength and stamina.

I’ve lost 20 pounds, am no longer considered pre-diabetic, and wearing a size 4.  All of my lab values have improved.  I eat clean 95% of the time.”--Ann Kelley


“It is unbelievable how much better I feel inside and out from only 6-7 weeks of working with you.  I have never done anything that I was able to see and feel the results like I do with B-Fit! This has been a truly life changing experience for me.”--Joy Cox


“I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle.  Both my kids were away at college, and  I had no excuses.  So, I called Beverly and scheduled an appointment and went from there.  I asked my husband, Greg, to get on board with me and he agreed.  So, now I really had NO excuses.  We have totally changed our eating habits...lots of fish, chicken, fresh fruit, and veggies.  Not that I don’t stray, but now it may be once a month instead of every day.  I started with Beverly on my birthday and made weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for myself.  I didn’t just want to do long term goals, I wanted to hold myself accountable for each week and each month.  Sometimes I didn’t reach them, but I try not to get discouraged.  I just try harder.  When I do get discouraged, I change something up.  I added the elimination diet and extra intervals to get over the hump.  A lot of people have told me how good I have done in the last year, and I am very proud of my accomplishments, but I have already sent Beverly my goals for the next year!  I would have to say that the biggest things that have kept me on track are my family and the B-Fit community.  I am determined to change my lifestyle long term and with the support group I have, I have no doubt that I CAN accomplish it.”--Cissie Stancill


“Wow! Great news for me, my body fat went down from 36.81% to 31.66% and have dropped 11.5 pounds in 8 weeks! I’m excited and still going to push for the 25.  I know it will be difficult, but I am going to try.  Thanks, could not do it without you!!”--Pam Johnson


“You and the group have been phenomenal in keeping me motivated! While I’m not quite where I want to be, I am very proud of myself for maintaining my weight during the holidays.  Now that I have a goal, I’ve felt the difference in my runs but need to focus on not giving up when things get tough.  I’m happy about the progress (losing 15 pounds) but also the opportunities that lay ahead now.”--Michelle Tonietti Goodman


“I would like to personally thank you for helping me reach my accomplishments, and even though I am not totally there, your inspiration has helped me tremendously.  Your great personality and ‘can do’ attitude makes me strive to do my best.  I feel better today than I have in 20 years.  When I quit smoking, I did put on a few pounds and was feeling really frustrated with myself.  Since I have joined the B-Fit community, I have met some wonderful people, toned areas I did not think was possible, the lower back pains have lessened, and I absolutely love my workouts.  Once I have completed my session I feel like a new person and the energy level is great.  Thanks so much for all of your support!”--Sandra Shofner


“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and one of the risk factors is being overweight, but not only that, I had no energy.  I wanted to do things around the farm and our cabin like I used to.  I love my garden, and I didn’t even want to do that anymore.  I didn’t even want to walk to my mailbox to get my mail.  Yes, I wanted to lose weight too, but that was not my main goal.  I needed to get more energy and stronger.  My friend encouraged me to check out B-Fit.  I am very proud I made the decision to come to Beverly for help and assistance.  When I first started, I was using 5-10 lbs weights.  I can now do modified pushups, hold my plank for 45 seconds, one arm rolls with 35 lbs, and bench press 55 lbs.  I may not have lost as much weight as I want, but I have lost inches.  I can say my energy level now is phenomenal.  I can’t explain the difference in my energy level that I have now compared to the day I started.  I can actually walk to our cabin and it not stress me out anymore.  I want to do fun, energetic things now.  I went to Vermont this spring and hiked 18 miles in three days.  I walked/jogged a 5K this spring and plan to do another one this fall.  I enjoy the sessions I have with you and look forward to more.”--Debbie Wheeler


“I have lost 10 lbs and am able to fit into clothes from the previous summer.  I started walking/jogging and can jog/run over 3.1 in 42 minutes.  My family has noticed the changes, and I have been educating them on healthy eating as well.  I know that I would have never been able to make this change or gotten these results without your help.  I wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with me and educating me on healthy eating habits.”--Kathleen Lopez


“My mother-in-law had been working out at B-Fit and told me I should look into it as well.  I was a little hesitant at first because it wasn’t my normal type of workout.  When I first came in, Beverly asked me what were my goals.  Goals?  I had never been asked to have a fitness goal.  I have always been active but never for a reason besides the typical “to stay healthy” reason.  I can do so many more things than I ever thought I would be able to do.  Now, I am not as hesitant to try something a little more difficult.  I actually think now about what I am eating and plan out my meals.  Now that I know what foods are better for me it’s not as time consuming to prepare my meals.  It’s such an amazing feeling to have so many people who are supportive and encouraging.  The whole B-Fit community has been an amazing motivator as well.  At the beginning of 2014, a friend started to train for a fitness show.  I started thinking that maybe I could do that.  With a little help from Bob and Beverly, I decided to participate in the Kentucky Muscle Fitness Show.  I started a 12 week program with an expert, but i was still able to workout at B-Fit a few days a week during my training.  I ended up getting 3rd place in Open Figure Class F and 5th in Novice Figure Class D.  We will see what 2015 brings, but thanks to B-Fit I am always thinking about what is next.”--Jennifer Jacobs


“Training with Beverly is probably the single most important thing that I do for myself.  It is what keeps me on track with my nutrition, physical activity, and the the overall importance I place on taking care of my body.  I love how strong I have become, but even more, I love that I can literally do anything I want at any time.  Having the energy to do all types of activities every day is the best part of the B-Fit lifestyle I have enjoyed.  I love how supportive, knowledgeable, and encouraging Beverly is.  She is the best personal trainer/coach/friend I could ask for!  Can’t wait for more contests, meeting more people, and many more years with the B-Fit community and Beverly!”--Kelly Berry


“When I started at B-Fit I weighed 149 pounds and was wearing a size 12/14.  I felt unhealthy and wondered if this was normal for almost al 50 year olds.  I had very little energy and was having hypoglycemic episodes almost every morning.  I remember thinking that I just want to feel better, and I need some help.  Beverly had a lot of work to do to train me!! It is really funny now to think back to how I started.  At first I was nervous before each workout--thinking I’ll never be able to make it an hour with her.  Now, my workouts are my favorite days of the week.  I love my B-Fit days, and I love to be motivated by my workout friends.  I love the group competition events, and I really love feeling healthy and strong!  Even though I have met my overall goals of weight and healthy nutrition, Beverly still insists on new goals!  Beverly, you are stuck with me for life!”--Rita French